Amber Fort Jaipur

Amber Fort Jaipur is established in Amber, 11 kilometers from Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India. It is one of the primary tourist enticements in the Jaipur locality, established high on a hill. Amber fort was constructed by Raja Man Singh I. Amber fort is known for its creative method, blending both Hindu and Rajput components. With its large ramparts, series of traditional gates and cobbled roads, Amber fort overlooks the Maota Lake, at fort forefront.

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We had a guide for the town and our first halt was Amber (pronounced Amber) fort. A vertical ramp directed to the entry, at which issue you could walk up or take an elephant ride up. There is some argument about the treatment of those elephants so we walked up to the fort.

This colossal fort is a wonderful specimen of the medieval Rajput method of architecture. The construction was started by Raja Man Singh I of the Kachhwaja dynasty in the year 1592 and subsequent was accomplished by Raja Jai Singh and the last affected were given by Sawai Jai Singh. It took round two centuries for the entire fort to be built.

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The Amber fort Jaipur was built with red sandstone and white marble which makes it a stunning view. The Maotha Lake, located in the front of the fort adds to the affinity. The reflectors in the outpost reflect the waters lagoon thereby creating a magnificent sight. Whereas the outside appearance of the fort is rough and craggy, the central presents an absolutely distinct picture with numerous attractive and elaborate carvings. The carvings are a blend of both Rajput and Muslim schools of art. The whole fort comprises of a wide variety of exquisite paintings of various searching and excursion scenes of the Rajput rulers. There are also paintings of the town.

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Another affinity of the Amber fort, Jaipur is its dainty mirror works. The elaborate mirror works supply a grand seem to the castle. A grand partition surrounds the entire fort which was intended to protect the palace from outsiders. Some of the significant structures in the Amber palace are Diwan-I-Aam, Shila Devi Temple, Diwan-E-Khas, Jai Mandir, Kali Temple & Ganesh Pol.

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From the peak of the fort, one can have a spectacular outlook of the entire town of Jaipur. Visitors can relish a pleasant elephant travel to ascend the fort. It gives a luxury feeling to the trip.

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