Rajasthan Camel Festival

The Camel Festival in Rajasthan is organized in Bikaner by the Tourism Department, Art & Culture, Tourism Department of Rajasthan, every year in January. Sand region is Folk Music and dances, add on to what is otherwise an exclusive camel fair. A camel festival when the ships of the sand are seen at their best. Camels fascinate travellers from all over the world with their movements, grace and charm. A spectacle of unusual camel performances: camel dances, camel races & the bumpy, neck shaking camel rides.


The camel festival bikaner starts with the procession of beautifully decorated camels. The procession heads towards the large desert fields. Here, the unseen festival activities begin in earnest. The Camel Pageant is persisted the primary day wherein the camel owners show off their Camels jewelry and decorations. Camel dance and racing performances are also held. A contest for decorated camel, cutting fur design, camel milking & the camel hair cut is organized The camels display amazing footwork, performing arts graciously to the slightest direction Existing their drivers. Beaded necks, vibrant bridles, anky camel shadows on dusky sands, jingling anklets and long, cast a magical spell.

camel festival in bikaner

In this camel festival sweets and tea prepared using camel milk are made available to the travellers interested in enjoying them.

On the second day, the fleetest camels of the region take part in the camel races. The competition is because the best camels vie for the honors. Thousand numbers of excited visitors and locals enjoy the favorite activity.

bikaner festivals

On both days, the evening ends with a rendezvous with the renowned folk dance or music artists of Rajasthan. The skirt whirling dances the awe ennobling fire dances and many other equally interesting performances entertain the visitors. The grand finale is a magnificent show of fireworks which illuminates the sand city of Bikaner.

bikaner festivals

As the name suggest the most attractions of the fest are the camels. They are at their best & display some unseen stunts that you would not find it happening on any other days. That includes the Camel Dances, Race & even a beauty pageant, exclusively for camels. Evenings bring charm to the festival. Various dances, musical concerts and puppet show increase the interest of the visitor by many folds.

bikaner camel festival

Bikaner, the desert city of Rajasthan, bedazzles in January as every year the magnificent fest glorifies the golden soil sands.